Meet The Candidates

Next week elections for the 2016 board of directors will be held. Before the election, take some time to get to know the candidates. Absentee voting will be available to those unable to attend the Annual General Meeting on December 10. The candidates will have a chance to make remarks before the election begins during the Annual General Meeting.

Joshua Firor
Running for President


Why am I running? I’m unsatisfied. Our 2nd year is vital. We need to focus our efforts on boosting membership and serving our city. We need leaders who will encourage and energize the talents that our collective whole brings to the table. Quite frankly, this is what I do and who I am. My career in non-profit leadership has fine-tuned my ability to cast a vision and rally people to it. I have a strong vision for what we could be and my real-world leadership experience will help us get there.

Zach Easdon
Running for President


When I created the Roustabouts I had two goals in mind; have fun and grow soccer in Tulsa and I believe that we accomplished that but there’s still a lot more we can do. Last year was our first year and in that short time we grew to be one of the largest and most active supporters group in USL. Now that we have a solid foundation we can build on that, and I know that there is a lot more that we can accomplish together.

imageJustin Brauchie
Running for Vice President

Many of you probably know me from my work with MUFC-Tulsa, AO or the Roustabouts.It probably won’t surprise you that I have decided to run for Vice President of the Roustabouts. As the VP of the Roustabouts , I will strive to grow membership. I will work to have better communication from leadership to general membership. I will also work with the group to think bigger and do more. We will be more active in the soccer community.

leading_age_head_shot_1Jacob Will
Running for Treasurer

As the current treasurer I do have a good understanding of our financial position and how to best leverage our funds for the 2016 calendar year. While I don’t view myself as frugal I do push us as an organization to be good stewards of our funds and focus on what brings the most joy to the group. I would also like to see our dollars donated increase in 2016 to make a larger impact in the Tulsa community. I am very used to working with budgets and love making excel spreadsheets! TRFC!

codybromleyprofileCody Bromley
Running for Secretary

I’m running for secretary because I believe I am a great fit for our member’s needs. I am an award-winning communications professional and life long area resident. This year, I served the group by designing the website, writing the email newsletter, processing online and in-person sales and operating most of the Roustabouts social media. Next season, I would like to create more transparency within the board by keeping detailed minutes of meetings and opening more committees for members to join.

34752_1501913437357_1519839102_31244634_3351548_nLeigh Ann Gustafson
Running for At-Large Director

After being a part of the general membership this past year, I look forward to being able to contribute to membership growth and community outreach in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. I take pride in my community and in the Roustabouts and can’t wait to see us get bigger and better.