Notice for Members

Friends and Fellow Roustabouts:

It is with sadness that we must notify you that a member of our group has been suspended. The Roustabouts is meant to be a safe and enthusiastic group rallied around one thing: TRFC. To encourage this, there are some rules and expectations regarding healthy and safe environments both physically and digitally. Unfortunately those rules and expectations have been violated consistently, without regard to our mission, by this individual. Multiple warnings were given and many conversations were had in an attempt to avoid this outcome. The leadership of the Roustabouts felt a vote needed to take place to decide our next course of action. By at least a 2/3 majority vote, the leadership decided on suspension with the opportunity to appeal in the near future.

This member will be suspended from all official Roustabout activity including our digital forums for a period of 90 days. We provided two exceptions from this suspension. There is an upcoming open meeting with the Front Office of TRFC that, as a board, we felt was too important to ban the voice of someone whom we fully expect to be reinstated to our group. This individual’s participation in this meeting is of great importance to our long term future and supersedes penalties incurred; pending his acknowledgment of unacceptable behavior. The second exception will be this member’s right to vote in the forthcoming elections.

In regards to behavior at our events or on our digital communication forums:
By no means should any member be hesitant to express both supportive and challenging opinions. This group welcomes these opinions and we work from both our successes and failures to improve what we do. That said, there will be little room given to those who express these thoughts in a hostile and threatening manner. We have worked too hard and had too many good times to let that kind of behavior rule our events and our forums.
Again, this was not an easy decision and we do not take it lightly. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this action, please do not hesitate to communicate with a member of the leadership.

Thank you for being a Roustabout.