83 United Board of Directors

Current Board Term: January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

Our board members help shape the organization and work to make the FC TULSA supporter experience bigger and better, as well as contribute to initiatives in the Tulsa soccer community. The 83 United board as a whole can be contacted by email at 83United@83United.org

2023 Board of Directors

President – Steve Hitz
Term: Jan 2023 – Dec 2025 (2 Years)
Email: steve.hitz@83united.org
Bio: I have been on the board as a member at large since 2018. Also I have previously been on other non profits including The Boy Scouts of America. I have been operating the tailgates and also been the grill master for the past year and I haven’t made anybody sick. It would be my honor to become the next president of 83 United.
Board member since 2018
Vice President – Teddie Mucha
Term: Jan 2022 –  Dec 2023  (2 Years)
Board member since 2022
Treasurer – Scott Grizzle
Term: Jan 2022 –  Dec 2023  (2 Years)
Board member since 2022
Krystal and Scott Grizzle at an FC Tulsa game
Secretary – Krystal Grizzle
Term: Jan 2023 – Dec 2025  (2 Years)
Bio: I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, where the only sports teams were Shreveport Captains minor league baseball, Dallas Cowboys, LSU Tigers and sometimes the Saints – back then, known as the Ain’ts. I was in Tulsa for 20 years before Scott and I watched our first soccer match, FC Tulsa at OneOK Field during the panic, and obviously, soccer got its hooks in me.
While arguably not the most experienced soccer fan, I have been working with and around nonprofits and events for 15 years, professionally for the last 10. Most recently I was promoted to both Director of Mayfest and Director of Events and Guest Services at ahha Tulsa. Before that I worked in medical records. I am a graduate of Leadership Tulsa, Leadership Arts Oklahoma and have served on several non-profit boards and committees focused on Tulsa and Education. We have two high school kids, one dog and three cats.
Board member since 2023
Member at Large – Dylan Young
Term: Jan 2023 – Dec 2023 (1 Year)
Bio: As a lifelong Tulsan who has followed all and any Tulsa soccer, I am looking forward to getting more hands on in the community alongside my fellow 83 members. I have experience working in the soccer community firsthand in the FC Tulsa front office. I am eager to build on the foundation that has been built by those who have come before me. Vamos Tulsa!
Board member since 2023
Parliamentarian – Tiago Duarte
Term: Jan 2022 – Dec 2022  (1 Year)
Email: tiago.duarte@83united.org
Board member since 2022
Position appointed by elected board members

Many thanks to our past Board Members for their service:

  • Chris Armistead
  • Spencer Haines
  • Jerek Jones
  • Justin Brauchie
  • Leigh Ann Gustafson
  • Lori Scholl
  • Mariano Soler
  • Mason Robbins
  • Nick Andoe
  • Nick Gustafson
  • Zach Easdon
  • Jacob Will
  • Cody Bromley
  • Joshua Firor
  • Matt Selsor
  • Matt Burnett
  • Angela Porter
  • Nathan Napier
  • Ian Whitworth
  • Rebecca Ames
  • Denis Lane
  • Angela Chartier
  • Rex Wilson