Join 83 United

2022 Memberships start at $10 and can be found online in our shop tab. Various package options are available to save you money on special 83 merchandise like shirts and limited edition scarves. Family and couples packs are also available!

We can also ship membership packets all over the U.S. and Internationally. Order now and you can even choose to pickup your membership packet at one of our upcoming events when they’re available.

Benefits of Being an 83 United Member

Proceeds from dues help us sponsor great events and provide amazing benefits, including:

  • Free food at tailgates
  • Access to our Members Only groups on Facebook & Slack
  • Member Only Discounts at local businesses
  • The ability to chair an official committee
  • The ability to seek a spot in the board of directors
  • Ability to vote during 83 United board elections

In addition to paying for the benefits listed above, your dues help with all of our FC Tulsa support efforts as well as allowing us to contribute to charitable organizations.
Note: Our membership period is by calendar year (2022) to cover a whole season and annual board member elections

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age to join?
No. 83 United is open to anyone who loves the soccer, regardless of age.

Do I have to buy season tickets to join?
No. Your membership in 83 United is independent of your tickets and neither has any bearing on the other.

I don’t live in the Tulsa area, can I still join?
Yes! Members hail from many cities and states. Membership is a great way to keep in touch and continue to support Tulsa soccer from afar.

Does membership have any bearing on whether or not you sit in the supporters ticket section?
Nope! 83 United is open to anyone in all areas of the stadium and even those who aren’t able to attend matches in Tulsa at all.

Do I have to include my real name, email and mailing address in my profile or during registration? I’d prefer to stay anonymous.
Yes. This information is the source for our membership database, so if it’s incorrect we’ll have no way to contact you or send out your membership pack. Please be assured that all information is kept private we do not share/sell/rent our member list at all.

How much does 2022 membership cost?
2022 dues for new and returning members starts at $10, payable online or at an event.

I only just joined in September/October etc., why do I need to pay again?
Membership period is by calendar year.

Where does the money for my membership go?
Portions of every membership go towards buying supplies to create painted banners (tifo), celebratory smoke bombs, items to support players and coaches with honors and trophies for achievements, paying for the server to host our website, and the upfront costs of merchandise and postal supplies. Additionally, there are other miscellaneous costs of running a supporters group that are paid for, including sales tax remittals, credit card transaction fees, fees for state and federal non-profit status tax filings and more. The board of directors are all volunteers and do not take any pay from the group. Members have access to a special members-only portal where additional members-only information such as non-profit and financial accountability data can be accessed.

I have a question that’s not listed here.
Email us at