83 Code of Conduct

One of the goals of 83 United is to create a high-energy environment to lend support to the FC Tulsa, while maintaining a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for new and existing members as well as guests. 83 United does not condone abuse, harassment or violence. Those actions are in opposition to our group’s values and more importantly, are in opposition to our values as human beings. How you conduct yourself in and outside the stadium, at watch parties, tailgates, and online reflects on all members and supporters.


Each person at an 83 United sponsored event shall act responsibly and be considerate of others. Abuse, harassment or violence will not be tolerated and may be deemed grounds for dismissal from an event. Venue rules and the instructions of venue personnel should always be followed. All applicable laws shall be followed at all times. Violation(s) of this Code of Conduct may be grounds for suspension or the revoking of membership.

Treatment of Fellow and Opposing Supporters

Harassment of members, guests, or fans is not tolerated. Harassment is defined as repeated inappropriate behavior, either direct or indirect, whether verbal, physical or otherwise, conducted by one or more persons against another or others.

The following types of behavior may be considered harassment:

  • Verbal: personal attacks, attempts to bully, insulting or humiliating remarks, offensive remarks, threatening or intimidating others.
  • Physical: unwanted touching, pushing, shoving, kicking, tripping, assault, damage to a person’s property.
  • Sexual/Racial/Other: Abusive conduct to a person based on assumptions of that person’s race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability, national origin or religion.

In-Stadium Conduct

For the safety and security of all supporters, the rules of the home club’s stadium should be followed at all times, with special attention to the following details:

  • No supporter should enter or attempt to enter the field of play during, before, or after games without prior authorization from the home club.
  • Throwing items of any kind on the field or in the stands is not allowed.
  • Members and guests should always follow instructions of stadium staff regarding stadium policies, safety produces and emergency response procedures.

Smoke & Pyro

At ONEOK Field, recognized supporters groups have received special permission to use smoke bombs under specific circumstances. Use of smoke is limited ONLY to the individuals who have signed contracts with the USL. At ONEOK Field, unauthorized use of smoke bombs, flares, fireworks or other incendiary/pyrotechnic items are banned for all fans. For road matches attended by the83 United, members shall follow the rules and guidelines for smoke and pyro set forth by the home club.

Respect for Fellow Fans

At ONEOK Field, members and guests should show courtesy to fans in sections outside of the supporter section by not showering them with beer or flying flags and banners which may obstruct their view of the field.

Conduct at all Events, In-Stadium or Otherwise

At all events, whether in-stadium, during travel days or otherwise, the following activities are not tolerated:

  • Theft of another supporters items
  • Being under the influence of illegal drugs
  • Underage drinking, or providing alcohol to minors
  • Actions that are harmful to or endanger others

Reporting Violations

Anyone who feels they have been subjected to conduct that violates any policy listed above should immediately report the matter to a member of our board. Any member who files a report will be kept anonymous outside of the Board. This Code of Conduct does not permit retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, seeks advice concerning, or who reports or complains of violations of, the Code or other illegal or unethical conduct. If, however, a member makes a false report of a violation or of questionable behavior for the purpose of harming another person, the reporting member is in violation.

Contact information for our board can be found at https://www.83united.org/about/board-of-directors.