Thanks for the Feedback!

Last night was a great start, and a lot of fun getting the band back together, but we’ve still got plenty of time to plan for next season.

Couldn’t come last night? Here’s some of the things that were discussed.

  • The team is looking into how they can open up the block of Elgin avenue closed off for matches to tailgaters and pre-match activities. This was met with lots of support by people in attendance and could become the new pre-match headquarters.
  • The Roustabouts and the team discussed promotional give away items and shared some potential ideas. Expect some great new giveaways next season, starting with the very first home match of the season.
  • Tulsa hosting USL meetings next week. League officials were very impressed with Tulsa when they visited for the first match and it’s a big honor to be able to host these sessions. More information about these meetings could be coming very soon.

(Thanks to Leigh Ann Gustafson for taking notes last night!)

There were some other things of course, but this is just a taste of what was talked about. Some things that were discussed are still up in the air and if they solidify a bit more we’ll be sure to let you know at that time.