Add Calendar to Phone

NOTE: This system is the same as 2017. If you set this up last year, you do NOT need to set it up again. The new schedule will automatically sync to your phone’s calendar.

Subscribe to Matches & Events

iPhone / Outlook – Click Here

Android users and Google Calendar users: Add to Google Calendar – Click Here

Manual Setup

There are a number of ways to subscribe to or import the calendar. Whether you subscribe to the calendar feed or import events depends how you want to use your calendar. Here’s the difference between the two methods.

Subscribe: This ensures you will receive updates and new events automatically. However you can not make changes to events or add your own notes. If a change is ever made to the server copy of the schedule, your device will automagically sync.

Import: This does a 1-time import to your calendar. It’s useful for events that won’t change or have other details added to them. The events can then be modified as needed in your own calendar. You can download and re-import the calendar at any time

Alternative #1: Copy the calendar’s URL and paste it into the import section of your calendar app.

Alternative #2 – Import all Events: Right click on the following link and save it to your hard drive, then import* it to your calendar of choice: Match & Event Schedule(Note: This method will not automatically updating with new events)After downloading the file, follow these instructions for importing to your own Google Calendar. If you use Outlook or other calendar program, search the help files of those applications for similar instructions.