Members Only

Member Benefit Information

  • Members Only groups:
  • Member discounts on Roustabouts merchandise (also available in-person at tailgates)
  • Special Per-Match Ticket Pricing (Details coming soon)
  • Special In-Stadium and In-Store Discounts (Details coming soon)
  • Members also have the ability to seek a spot in the board of directors, to chair an official committee and a vote during Roustabout elections and votes. Watch your email for information about board of directors events and elections.

Official Documents

83 United Independent Supporters Association, sometimes referred to as simply 83 United I.S.A., is the official legal name of the Tulsa Roustabouts. When you see the name referred in the below documents, it is referring to the same group that you have known as the Roustabouts. 83 United I.S.A. is a registered Oklahoma non-profit organization

Meeting Minutes and Documents